Victorian Timber Workers Memorial

A permanent state memorial to Victoria’s timber workers has been built in Heyfield. The committee is establishing this memorial walk with the hope that it will be a place where families who have suffered a loss may have their loved ones commemorated and join with others in remembrance and reflection.

The memorial is in the Lions Park Heyfield with the names of those fatally injured on a plaque within stone pillars as you walk around the memorial. Those eligible for these plaques must have worked within Victoria and lost their lives whilst working in the timber industry either in the bush, coupe, mill or cartage

This site is well connected to facilities within the Heyfield Park. An existing commemorative migrants walk, community memorial rose garden and the Gippsland Plain Rail Trail are all together.

A public art sculpture is the centre piece of the memorial, which is surrounded by 75 mature yellow bark trees, connecting paths, low stone walls and seating

Donations from businesses, community groups or individuals are welcome.

Victorian Timber Workers Memorial

PO Box 274

Heyfield Vic 3858

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  • Name: Karen Coleman
  • State: Victoria
  • Postcode: 3858


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